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Dec 30, 2012 5:00am PST
daily city part of san francisco face some unique challenges demographicly. it's no longer the center of the jewish community it once was and the congregations that are south of park are smaller numbers than they were maybe ten years ago or 15 years ago so we've begun to collaborate on areas of adult education programming, youth programming to bring the full resources of four neighboring synagogues together. rabbis to teach courses, some services and programs combined in an effort to create a larger pool of participants and reach out even further into the community. >> and for those folks who are listening that might actually live in that neighborhood, let's let them know the congregations that are involved in that cluster. >> sure. it's the four congregations that are working now in collaboration are luna, or shalom and ourselves beth israel jew dee ya. >> and can they go on to the internet or go to call one of you and find out more about the program? >> you can get information about our program from any of the four synagogues' websites. >> great. >> so we about three years ago did a li
Dec 2, 2012 5:00am PST
came and preached in india and in the very city that i come from. that is where we have a big cathedral for him. that is the place where tradition holds that he was martyred. he preached in that area. >> there aren't many catholics in india proportionately, correct? how many total? >> catholics would be about 1.75% of the total population which would be about 25 million people. >> okay. that would be total catholics. i see. so that's a relatively small group in this country really dominated by hinduism. >> and muslims. there is about 15% of the population muslim. >> didn't all the muslims after the english left go to pakistan? >> they did, some of them. when the partition took place in 1947, some of the muslims from india moved to pakistan. some of the hindus who were living in those areas moved back to india which caused a lot of blood shed. >> so there is still a lot of blood shed and still problems there. we're going to talk more about india. of course we also want to really single out gandy which we'll do after this break. >> welcome back to mosaic. today we're talking to father cha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2